Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Review of St Regis Singapore's Afternoon Tea Experience - Good Where It Matters

Back during Singapore's Winter of Discontent, during which daytime temperatures reached as high as 22 degrees, I took a break from the daily rat race and visited the St Regis Singapore for afternoon tea.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Melbourne 2017/2018 - Fresh, Vivacious and Delicious

An annual pilgrimage to Melbourne has been a part of my routine for over a decade, since I started "going out" with my now-wife.  I have always looked forward to these trips, not least from a gastronomic perspective.  Which is not to say that Melbourne's restaurants are necessarily better than Singapore's, but they are different and in a very good way.  

For me, where Melbourne really excels is not its fine dining, although Attica is an obvious standout, and Brae seems to be one also (I haven't tried Brae but I enjoyed owner-chef Dan Hunter's food when he was cooking at the Royal Mail).  Rather, its casual Mediterranean restaurants are where it's at, and they frankly run rings around our "Michelin"-starred Italian restaurants for the most part.  Super-fresh produce, often cooked with an irreverent modern Australian twist, service with genuine personality and knowledge; these all combine for an excellent experience that is often also great value for money.

Here are a couple of highlights from my recent trip, which I hope you will find useful.