Sunday, 5 November 2017

Welcome Back, and An Apology

Hello Readers

First of all, my sincerest thanks for continuing to follow this blog.  I know I have been rather on-off in my recent efforts and I wanted to apologise to those of you who have allowed me, whether or not on a regular basis, a few minutes of your precious time over the last five years.

The truth is I came into this project back in 2012 without any particular goals in mind.  I wasn't in it for fame, acclaim and certainly not commercial gain.  And as with any project, when you walk into it with no concrete endgame or aspirations, you are bound to lose direction at some stage.  In April last year, I hit a significant marker in my blog stats, and in my excitement, I asked myself "what was next?"  I searched the cupboard repeatedly and unfortunately failed to find an answer.  Now I was never the most prolific writer but coincidentally after that, life (or perhaps the reality thereof) happened in a big way.  Time, that much sought-after substitute for talent and inspiration, was in shorter supply than ever, leading to a drastic drop in my "productivity", to say nothing of quality.

It was with no little sorrow when I saw my friend Victoria's Singapore Foodie blog close down a couple of months ago.  Her departure marked the loss of an independent and important blogging voice in Singapore, divorced from the commercial conflicts of interest that scar the visage of the Singapore blogging scene.  That, and the kind messages that I continued to receive from readers over the last few months, convinced me to try again to devote more time to this little project, and to continue advocating for the consumer who (a) needs some truth and honesty in their reviews, and (b) prefers not to read puff pieces from mercenaries / prostitutes (who incidentally don't know what they are talking about most of the time) looking for a free ride.

So I am going to do a reverse André and re-commit to this blog.  I know my efforts are far from perfect but that's not going to stop me going out and having some fun.  To be clear, I am not returning my Michelin stars, and I want to be considered for every goddamned award known to mankind, except the ones for which I need to pay to be eligible.  And I won't even charge you $800 to read.

It has been and continues ever to be my privilege to have your company on this journey.

Julian Teoh
5 November 2017


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to your new writing vigour ;)

  2. Amen my food and wine brother. Let's go fuck some stars...

  3. ...most of the time?!! The influencers would sell their own mothers for a fiver and don't have a clue what they are talking about. Period.

    1. Thanks Anonymous. I was trying to be polite but yes ;)