Monday, 5 September 2016

Review of Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, Carlton Hotel Singapore - Zero Michelin Stars, Zero F--ks Given

From the many to choose from, one of the most egregious shortcomings of the inaugural "Michelin" Guide Singapore was its harsh treatment of Singapore's excellent Cantonese restaurants.  The idea that classic stayers such as Cherry Garden, Hua Ting, Hai Tien Lo, Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck (amongst others) were not worthy of any recognition, while Forest (owned by the major sponsors of the "Michelin" Guide, Resorts World Sentosa) and Shisen Hanten deserved one and two stars respectively, is questionable if not downright laughable.   Indeed, according to the geniuses at "Michelin",  Singapore's best Chinese restaurant is a Szechuanese restaurant adapted to Japanese tastes.  Go figure.