Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Casual Eats - Reviews of French Feast, Non-Entree Dessert Cafe, Pacamara, Skillet @ 163, Clinton Street Baking Company and The Study

As Singapore's dining scene is in the throes of casualisation, diners have a larger than ever selection of accessible venues than ever before.  Prices are being slashed (God forbid, even three Michelin-starred Joel Robuchon's poshest tasting menu is now 20% cheaper compared to its opening back in 2011), name chefs are now opening outlets from their more "downmarket" brands (Gordon Ramsay with his Bread Street Kitchen, David Thompson with Long Chim), even the Michelin Man, in a bizarre mix of populism and condescension, gave a star to a bak chor mee joint.

The problem with greater choice, unfortunately, is that you have to sift through a lot more of the rubble to get to the good stuff.  Here are the results of my gold-panning efforts in recent weeks.