Thursday, 21 July 2016

Alsace Crus et Terroirs (ACT) - A Renaissance in the Rhine?

There I was, perhaps the happiest man in the world at that very moment.  After a fantastic morning tasting the new vintage's wines at Domaine Weinbach, I was in Catherine Faller's kitchen feasting on the most sensational baeckeoffe I had ever tasted ("You should never order this dish in restaurants," Catherine sagely advised while ladling out my fourth helping of the stuff, "because they never add enough wine to it!"), when one of the other guests mentioned something called "ACT".

The Chateau de Kaysersberg

Thursday, 7 July 2016

List of BYO Restaurants in KL and the Klang Valley, Malaysia - Corkage-Free or Otherwise

(Last updated on 18 April 2017)

Do you love your wine?  More specifically, do you love taking your own wine to restaurants, whether to ensure you have a wine you like with your meal, or to simply avoid getting ripped off by avaricious sommeliers and restaurant owners?