Monday, 28 March 2016

Dish of the Month March 2016 - Is This The World's Best Spring Roll?

I have refrained from doing standalone "Dish of the Month" posts for some time now, simply because  I found that much of the time, standalone dishes didn't really deserve the honour.  But having snuck in a sneaky trip back to Ipoh over the Good Friday long weekend, I proclaim a hundred times, nay a thousand times, "I have found a champion worthy of the name".

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Review of Bar-a-Thym, Singapore - French Omakase with Winemaker Marc Beyer

I first visited Bar-a-Thym during the dog days of the haze in September last year.  I never got around to writing a review of that meal, in part because I was lazy and mostly because the PSI reading that night was around 270.  Every time the sliding door slid open (which was more often than I would have liked), I caught a most unwelcome nostrilful of Sumatran arômes de fumée.  I did enjoy the evening despite all that, and the cooking of chef-owner Francois Mermilliod (ex-Absinthe and Flutes at the Fort) showed a lot of promise.  When my friend, the winegrower Marc Beyer of the renowned Maison Leon Beyer in Alsace said he was visiting Singapore, I decided a return visit was in order.

Marc Beyer and Wines at Bar-a-Thym (courtesy Kenneth Tiong)