Sunday, 16 November 2014

Good Eats in Ang Mo Kio - Here's My List, So Please Share Yours

I have been living in Ang Mo Kio for just over a year now.  During my time here, I've found a few good places, but from my experience, it is not really a gourmet paradise in the manner of the Whampoa / Balestier district.  I'm not sure whether it is the fact that it is a old township with a high population density, but the place seems disproportionately overrun with mediocre chain outlets.

I thought I would share my list of recommendations here, with the hope that my readers who are local residents or frequent visitors to the area will chip in with their suggestions.  I should qualify this by saying that I haven't had the opportunity yet to check out every nook and cranny of this district, especially the area behind AMK Hub, so any pointers are greatly appreciated.  

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Tis The Season for the King of Cheese! Adventures with Baked Mont d'Or

I was having lunch with a chef friend (Ah Lam's Abalone Noodles, if you were wondering) a couple of months ago.  We were talking about food trends, Gordon Ramsay's impending arrival at Marina Bay Sands (which has since been confirmed), etc.  Apropos of nothing, he suddenly became very excited.  "And Mont d'Or season is starting"!