Friday, 28 September 2012

A Review of Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar - Classic Italian Still Going Strong

I first met Roberto Galetti, Garibaldi's owner and executive chef, at a World's 50 Best Restaurants dinner in late 2011.  Despite having lived in Singapore since 2007 and written about its restaurants for an even longer period, I was embarrassed to admit to him that while I had visited his KL satellite (also named Garibaldi), I had never visited his cherished first-born, arguably Singapore's best and most famous Italian restaurant.  Rated Asia's 7th best restaurant in the 2008 Miele Guide, winner of a swag of World Gourmet Summit best chef / restaurant / winelist awards since its opening in 2003, it has been coasting under the radar of late.  A decade is a long time in the life of a Singaporean restaurant, and I was keen to see how it had survived the test of time and a notoriously fickle and trend-driven market.

Roberto Galetti, Owner and Executive Chef of Garibaldi Restaurant and Bar

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wine and Teochew Food at Chao Shan Cuisine, Beach Road

Chao Shan Cuisine is a place where many great vintages go to die.  Its subtle Teochew cuisine is said to present a perfect pairing with most types of wine, winning it a place in the hearts of many wine lovers in Singapore.  That and the fact they do not charge corkage and provide good stemware for their regulars.  I had promised our friend S a bottle of Les Amoureuses when he passed his CSW exam, so it was my pleasure to make my way to Chao Shan Cuisine last Friday, bottle in hand.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Review of Penang Road Cafe - a taste of Penang at Novena

The food war between Malaysia and Singapore has raged unabated in 2012.  Earlier in the year, we were treated to the annual spectacle (debacle) of "who invented yee sang"?  Things got a little more heated when foreign powers sought to intervene in the conflict, with Virtual naming Bangkok, Singapore and Penang as its readers' top three street food destinations, in that order.  The final straw was when Singaporean chef Michael Han, the proprietor of the in-hiatus Fat Duck / Noma-inspired Fifty-Three restaurant committed an act of treason by publicly declaring that Penang's street food tasted better and looked better than Singapore's.  Ouch.

Then I saw this place.