Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Hill of Corton

Wine Tasting Masterclass, Hilton Singapore, 11 February 2012

Together with Emily, I attended this excellent tasting, hosted by the Hilton Singapore’s charming sommelière Stéphanie Rigourd.  Two winemakers from the Burgundian village of Pernand-Vergelesses were featured, Ludovic Belin of Domaine Ludovic Belin and his cousin Vincent Rapet of Domaine Rapet.  I spent a week working in Ludo’s cellars last September (and snuck off down the road one morning to do a tasting with Vincent) so was more than happy to come along and support them both on their Singapore trip.
Ludovic Belin, very glad to be back in Singapore

Saturday, 4 February 2012

An Evening with Etienne Hugel

My tribute to Etienne Hugel is here.

I first met Etienne Hugel at a wonderful Hugel et Fils wine dinner at the Mandarin Oriental’s Cherry Garden restaurant in January 2011.  What wasn’t so wonderful was the attendance, a real shame considering the quality of the food and the thought that had gone into pairing it with Hugel’s exquisite vintages.

So when our paths crossed again at Hugel HQ in Alsace last September, I suggested to Etienne that if he was open to the idea, I could assemble a decent crowd of wine lovers to welcome him back to Singapore.  As it turns out, he had a big surprise in store for us. 

Emily, me, Etienne and Kaoru