Monday, 23 January 2012


This is a blog of my journey in the world of eating and drinking. I am no expert and am certainly not an authority, but I believe I have a decent palate and I try to do right, whether by myself or by the hardworking souls who devote their lives to creating experiences for us. 

While the Internet has generally been a force for social good, it has also allowed a gaggle of barely literate teenagers with kick-arse cameras to pollute the ether with food blogs. Enough has been written about the problems with these blogs so I shan’t add my two cents on this topic, suffice to say I’ll try my best to ensure I don’t fall into the same trap. 
I have limited time to devote to my writing, so you won’t read about every cafe or foodcourt sandwich joint I visit.   But, if there is something which I hope will be of interest to you, whether because it’s a special event or a place that is not often reviewed and is worthy of greater publicity, I would love to share it with you.

Welcome and I am honoured that you are sharing this journey with me.

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